Zamindari Horsemen icon
Zamindari Horsemen
Zamindari Horsemen
Belongs to Persia, Mysore, Mughal Empire
Type Missile Cavalry
Weapon(s) Bow; Sword
Ammunition 20
Soldiers in each unit 45
Melee Attack 7
Charge bonus 10
Defense skill 7
Morale 5
Range 100
Accuracy 30
Reloading 10
Tech requirement None
Produced from Barracks
Special abilities


  • Can skirmish
  • Can Guard
  • Can hide in woodland
  • Can Fire from Horseback
  • Good stamina
  • Resistant to heat fatigue
Cost 970 SP (not available in multiplayer)
Upkeep 290
Turns to Train 1
Unit Cap None

Zamindari Horsemen are a type of missile cavalry in Empire: Total War.


These “feudal” troops are armed in traditional style and, while cheap, may not be as reliable as regular forces.

The zamindars, or landholders, recruit troops from among the peasantry farming the lands they manage. A life in the ranks is a little better than one toiling in the fields, and offers the chance of loot and excitement.

At first sight, the zamindar system has much in common with the medieval “feudal” idea, and this was how many Europeans saw the system. A zamindar would be given land to run as a tax farm, squeezing the peasants for all the revenue he could get. At the same time, the zamindari would have a place in a formal hierarchy, and were expected to contribute a contingent of troops to the army. This sounds like the feudal idea of providing men to an overlord, but it was based on financial, not fealty, principles. There were even landholders who were expected to supply elephant troops rather than cavalry and footmen. When the European trading companies took over tax collection, they often left the local landholders to collect taxes, after weeding out the most glaringly corrupt.

General InformationEdit

Zamindari Horsemen can shoot their bows from horseback, much like the way Light Dragoons can do so with their carbines. Unlike Light Dragoons, however, Zamindari Horsemen cannot do so while on the move. This, combined with their below average melee capabilities, limits their utility somewhat.

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