Wine Estates are a type of resource building in Napoleon: Total War.


Wine estates significantly improves town wealth in a region and the happiness of all classes.

A wine estate represents a substantial investment in vines, land and time. Wine is lovingly produced, carefully aged, and sold on [sic] at a premium. Hic!

Wine production is still subject to the vagaries of the weather, soil, and time. It is quite possible for an estate to produce a truly great wine one year and a foul one the next because, while standards are improving, there are still a great many variables that are only dimly understood.

By the late 18th century, the "age of prodigious boozing" was still going strong in Europe. In England, the Prince Regent set the standards for gluttony and excess, and was widely emulated by his subjects. Georgian Englishmen had bottomless gullets, even by contemporary standards, as the available water was not always fit to drink. Despite what everyone thought at the time, drink was not the cause of gout, an agonising inflammation of the joints. Gout is triggered by a high-protein diet, as favoured by the wealthier classes of the period; the liberal use of poisonous lead compounds to sweeten wine and food probably did little to help matters!


Requires Wineries. Costs 2,700 gold and 8 turns to build.

Wine Estates NTW
  • +1 per turn to town wealth in all your regions
  • +3 happiness (lower classes)
  • +3 happiness (middle school)
  • +16 per turn to town wealth in the region

Wine Estates are the final tier in the winery line of buildings, providing the greatest town wealth per turn and region happiness. Unlike its earlier cousins, wine estates provide a global town wealth increase to all regions. Wine estates are relatively cheap for a final tier building and have no technology prerequisite, making them an easy upgrade to afford and an early way to raise global town wealth. 

Pays for self within 43-55 turns, including build time.

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