For the similarly named Napoleon: Total War faction, see Baden-Württemberg.

Wurttemberg Flag
Württemberg is a minor faction in Empire: Total War. It borders French held Alsace-Lorraine to the west, Westphalia to the north, Bavaria to the east, and Hannover to the north-east. Württemberg is intially allied with Westphalia and Austria, but mounts a mediocre in defense due to its very small size. All of the German minor factions (Württemberg, Westphalia or Hessen, Bavaria, and Hannover) are the targets for all of the German Empires and the French.

General InformationEdit

In the Grand Campaign, Württemberg tends to ally with Westphalia, Bavaria, and/or Hannover. Its alliances with these countries and Austria make it difficult to attack without arousing the ire of many factions.

Despite its limited resources and land, Württemberg has an unusual edge in enlightenment technologies over most other factions. However, it generally remains relatively weak throughout the game, as it is surrounded by strong neighbors and has limited resources of its own.

Unit RosterEdit

Württemberg shares much of the same unit roster with Austria, having access to unusual units such as Windbüchse Jaegers and Hungarian Hussars. However, as most of these units require specific regions outside of Württemberg to be trained, it rarely gets to field them. As it only controls a minor region and rarely expands, it usually has access to just what a Military Governor's Barracks can create.


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