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Venice is a faction in Napoleon: Total War. It appears only in the Italy Campaign.

General InformationEdit

Venice occupies many territories in northern and eastern Italy, making it one of the largest factions in the Italy Campaign. ts lands need to be traversed in order for France to complete its objective of capturing Austrian-held Klagenfurt.

France is issued a mission to take Venetia should hostilities be declared between France and Venice. The reward is a substantial 4,000 gold, as well as automatic peace with Venice. Venetia is heavily defended, but it lies directly between the French forces and Klagenfurt.


Venice Diplomacy Map Ita NTW

Initial diplomacy map

Below is a chart of grievances and friendships other factions have toward Venice (factions that are not listed are neutral). Both positive and negative values diminish by 1 per turn over time.

France Tuscany
-135 +40

Below is a chart of grievances and friendships Venice has toward other factions:

France Tuscany
-95 +40

In the Europe Campaign, the region of Venetia is initially occupied by Austria. Venice cannot emerge as a faction; should Venetia be liberated or have a successful rebellion, Italy emerges, instead.

In the multiplayer campaign, Venice may declare war on Austria. This can cause major problems for the Austrian player as Venice and its lands split Austria's in two and its armies are quite significant. 


Venice fields line infantry, grenadiers militia, heavy cavalry, and some basic artillery. It lacks light infantry or light cavalry.

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