Uniform Armament
Uniform Armament NTW
Prerequisite Standardised Artillery
Research Points Needed 1400
Building Needed Staff College
Leads To Rifled Cannons
Stream Military
Uniform Armament is a military technology in Napoleon: Total War.


Equipping warships with guns of only one size simplifies crew training and ammunition supply, so increasing ship efficiency.

A warship’s effectiveness can be measured by the weight of shot it fires in its broadside, and it makes excellent sense to have the heaviest cannons possible on board. However, too many different sizes of gun can make ammunition supply in the heat of battle more complicated than it need be, and different guns have different loading speeds, ballistic characteristics and crewing needs. By settling on only one size of gun, all these issues are resolved. An added bonus is that crewmen can be reassigned as needed to man guns, without necessarily needing any new instruction in their duties.

Naval architect Sir Robert Seppings (1767-1840) introduced a remodelled and sturdier design for ships that incorporated a diagonal iron cross-bracing that greatly improved hull strength. Hulls built to his conception were stiffer, more seaworthy and able to accommodate a large number of heavy cannon on every deck. In 1826, the British Royal Navy took advantage of his new ideas and armed new ships with only one type of cannons: a formidably heavy 32-pounder!

General InformationEdit

Uniform Armament is one of the requirements for the 38-gun Steam Ship and the 80-gun Steam Ship; Screw Propeller must also be researched before these ships become available.

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