Tokugawa mon

Tokugawa Clan Mon

The Tokugawa Clan are one of the 8 playable clans in the Grand Campaign in Shogun 2: Total War. They were, historically, the victorious clan at the end of the Sengoku Jidai. They are known as renowned diplomats and possess superior metsuki and ninja.

In-Game Encyclopedia DescriptionEdit

Although the Tokugawa are an ancient family, claiming descent from Minamoto no Yoritomo, the first shogun of the Kamakura shogunate, they have known hard times. The Tokugawa have been squeezed between two powerful and ambitious clans: The Imagawa to the east, and the Oda to the west, a most uncomfortable position. By accepting the protection of the Imagawa, the Tokugawa only guaranteed that they were frequently attacked by the Oda. This goes some way to explaining their superior diplomatic skills, their training and use of very good kisho ninja, and the superior metsuke who keep order in their lands. Now, they are at war with the Oda once again. An Oda army has actually invaded the Tokugawa province of Mikawa. In theory, the Tokugawa are vassals of the Imagawa clan to the east in the provinces of Suruga and Totomi. They do not, however, need to worry about the Kiso in Shinano province, as relations with these neighbours are peaceful. That said, Shinano has useful stone resources that could prove useful to an ambitious warlord. Historically, after much struggle, Tokugawa Ieyasu did become the seii taishogun, the "great general who subdues the barbarians" and the ruler of Japan with the emperor as a figurehead. The Tokugawa clan kept control of Japan for over 200 years, shutting the country off from pernicious outside influences. History need not turn out that way: another Tokugawa could easily become shogun.

Clan TraitsEdit

  • +2% to the success chance of metsuke actions
  • Bonus to diplomatic relations
  • Reduced recruitment costs and upkeep for kisho ninja
  • Can recruit superior kisho ninja

Inital Information Edit

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