Time Commanders was a television series produced by Lion TV for BBC Two. Each episode featured a team of four (two commanders and two lieutenants) playing a major historical battle through a modified version of the game Rome: Total War. The show ran for two seasons from 2003 to 2005. The shows was originally hosted by Eddie Mair and later by Richard Hammond. Tactics and commentary were provided by the historian Dr. Aryeh Nusbacher now known as Dr. Lynette Nusbacher of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and another supporting historian. The second position was rotated between Mike Loades, Saul David, Mark Urban and Dr. Adrian Goldsworthy.

List of EpisodesEdit

Series OneEdit

# Episode Airdate Faction Played Historical Result Episode's Result
1 Battle of the Trebia 4 September 2003 Carthage (vs Rome) Carthaginian victory Carthaginian victory
2 Battle of Watling Street 11 September 2003 Rome (vs Icenii and Other Britons) Roman victory Roman defeat
3 Battle of Bibracte 18 September 2003 Rome (vs Helvetii and Other Gauls) Roman victory Roman victory
4 Battle of Mons Graupius 25 September 2003 Caledonians (vs Rome) Caledonian defeat Caledonian defeat
5 Battle of Tigranocerta 2 October 2003 Armenia (vs Rome) Armenian defeat Armenian victory
6 Battle of Pharsalus 9 October 2003 Pompeius (vs Julius Caesar) Pompeiian defeat Pompeiian defeat
7 Battle of Cannae 16 October 2003 Carthage (vs Rome) Carthaginian victory Carthaginian defeat
8 Battle of Raphia 23 October 2003 Egypt (vs Seleucids) Egyptian victory Egyptian victory
9 Battle of Qadesh 30 October 2003 Hittites (vs Egypt) Hittite defeat Hittite defeat
10 Battle of Leuctra 6 November 2003 Thebes (vs Sparta) Theban victory Theban victory
11 Battle of Adrianople 13 November 2003 Rome (vs Goths) Roman defeat Roman defeat
12 Battle of Telamon 20 November 2003 Gauls (vs Rome) Gaulish defeat Gaulish defeat
13 Battle of Gaugamela 8 December 2003 Macedon (vs Persia) Macedonian victory Macedonian victory
14 Battle of Chalons 15 December 2003 Huns (vs Rome and Goths) Hunnic defeat Hunnic defeat
15 Battle of Marathon 22 December 2003 Athens (vs Persia) Athenian victory Athenian defeat
16 Battle of the Silarus 29 December 2003 Slaves (vs Rome) Slave defeat Slave victory

Series TwoEdit

# Episode Airdate Faction Played Historical Result Episode's Result
1 Battle of the Teutoburg Forest 16 January 2005 Rome (vs Germans) Roman defeat Roman victory
2 Battle of Stamford Bridge 23 January 2005 England (vs Vikings) English victory English victory
3 Battle of the Hydaspes River 30 January 2005 Macedonians (vs Indians) Macedonian victory Macedonian defeat
4 Battle of Cynoscephalae 6 February 2005 Rome (vs Macedon) Roman victory Roman victory
5 Battle of Dara 13 February 2005 Persia (vs Byzantium) Persian defeat Persian defeat
6 Battle of Troy 20 February 2005 Greeks (vs Trojans) Greek victory Greek victory
7 Battle of Hastings 27 February 2005 Normans (vs England) Norman victory Norman defeat
8 Battle of Sarmisegetusa 13 March 2005 Rome (vs Dacia) Roman victory Roman victory

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