Thirteen Colonies Monarchy

Flag of the Thirteen Colonies under a Monarchy

Thirteen Colonies Republic

Flag of the Thirteen Colonies under a Republic

The Thirteen Colonies are a minor faction in Empire: Total War. It is a British protectorate. It may join Great Britain if the player captures Georgia, Cherokee Territory (Controlled by the Cherokee Nations), and New France (Controlled by France). The player plays as this faction in Episode II of the Road to Independence campaign.


The Thirteen Colonies hold more regions in the beginning of the game than any other minor faction, and even most major factions. However, their lands are relatively undeveloped, and remain so for most of the game. The starting regions they have are:

  • Falmouth, Maine
  • Boston, Confederation of New England
  • Albany, New York
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Annapolis, Maryland
  • Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Charleston, Carolinas

General InformationEdit

Despite their large number of lands, the Thirteen Colonies are very weak militarily, and rarely develop their lands. If Great Britain is controlled by the A.I, then they usually take full control of the Thirteen Colonies within the first dozen turns or so.

Like Louisiana, Westphalia and New Spain, the Thirteen Colonies cannot emerge from any region; they are permanently eliminated from the Grand Campaign once they are assimilated by Great Britain or destroyed.

Unit RosterEdit

The Thirteen Colonies has access to much of the same roster as that of Great Britain: they can train Ferguson Riflemen, Chasseurs Britanniques, and Hessian Line Infantry as examples. However, they rarely gain access to most of these units as most are recruited from Europe.


The Thirteen Colonies' monarchy flag is the naval flag for the British Navy.

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