The Moors are a faction representing the Islamic Almoravid dynasty of southern Iberia and north-west Africa. They can field a good mix of light cavalry and infantry, and effective spears, but they lack in late period units.

The Moors (highlighted) on the ingame faction selection screen.

The Almoravid Berbers have risen from their homelands near the west coast of Africa to establish their capital in Marrakesh, and assume control of the Moorish Empire. Their dominance over this corner of Africa is absolute, and the sense of unity they have brought to the Moorish empire has once again restored order in southern Iberia. This move for stable Islamic rule is however also the cause of the greatest threat to the Moors... Christian unity.


  • Religion - Islam
  • Long Campaign win conditions - Hold 45 regions, including: Toledo Region, Jerusalem Region
  • Short Campaign win conditions - Hold 15 regions. Eliminate Factions: Spain, Portugal
  • Financial Start - Starting Purse 7,000 Florins
  • Kings Purse - 1,500 Florins


  • Cordoba (Minor City, Capital) - Town Guard, Masjid, Town Hall, Grain Exchange, Dirt Roads, Land Clearance
  • Marrakesh(Large Town) - Town Guard
  • Granada (Wooden Castle) - Stables
  • Algiers (Wooden Castle) - Bowyer

Initial units

  • 3 General Bodyguard's
  • 3 Spear Militia
  • 7 Desert Archers
  • 1 Town Militia
  • 3 Desert Cavalry

Ruling Family

  • Sultan Tahar (Age 60; Faction Leader) - Command 3, Dread/Chivalry 0, Authority 2, Piety 3
  • Crown Prince Miswar (Age 35; Faction Heir) - Command 4, Dread/Chivalry 0, Loyalty 5, Piety 3
  • Qasim (Age 30; Family Member) - Command 2, Dread/Chivalry 0, Loyalty 5, Piety 6
  • Ayyub (Age 14; Junior Family Member; Male)
  • Faraj (Age 10; Junior Family Member; Male)
  • Zahra (Age 8; Junior Family Member; Female)
  • Zizi (Age 4; Junior Family Member; Female)

Initial Agents

  • Hassan Saidi-Sief (Age 20; Spy) - 5 Subterfuge
  • Shakir Al-Fayyoumi (Age 20; Diplomat) - 2 influence
  • Fakhir (Age 40; Iman) - 4 piety

Once weak, uncultured and disorganized, the kingdoms of Leon and Castile are now unified in their challenge against Islamic rule of the peninsula, and look set to actually launch a genuine offensive to revive their Reconquista. Their heroes such as El Cid are extremely admirable adversaries, as men who are driven with what they believe to be a noble purpose always are.

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