The Empire is a playable faction in Total War: Warhammer.


Tempered in battle from the moment of its birth, the Empire represents the last bastion of Mankind. Since Sigmar first united the primitive tribes of men, the nation has had to fight for its very survival with constant vigilance. Though his reign has long-since ended, the Empire is nevertheless a force to be reckoned with. Ever on a war footing, ranks upon ranks of highly trained professional soldiers make up the nation’s backbone. It is the variety of these troop types that is the chief strength of an Empire army. These brave men are more than prepared to lay down their lives to protect the lands and people they hold dear. The Empire is a beacon for all human learning and culture in a dangerous world, its light surrounded on all sides by dark forces that constantly threaten to extinguish it. A huge realm of ancient and dangerous forests and prosperous farms contrasted with sprawling metropolises, the diversity of the Empire’s landscapes is matched only by that of its people. Scholars, wizards, counts, nobles and knights brush shoulders with common folk in the bustling streets of gothic citadels. Magnificent palaces and gardens give way to crowded courtyards where the cries of religious fanatics permeate the market smoke and assassins walk amongst the throng unseen. Joy and misery, life and death; the entire spectrum of human existence can be seen amongst these streets. Now, a new man has been elected Emperor. Though his reign is young, tales of his deeds, his martial prowess and his statecraft have already spread throughout the Empire and beyond. His name is Karl Franz. To his followers, he is heralded as heir of Sigmar. In him they see a man worthy of wielding both the Warhammer and the title of Emperor that the mighty warrior-god once held. Someone who can unify the Empire and once and for all vanquish its enemies both within and without.


- The Empire’s roster offers a comprehensive and flexible mix of units, providing for an adaptable range of strategies.

- Powerful war machinery, such as artillery and the rightly-feared Steam Tank combine well with a wide variety of magical support accessed through an unparalleled selection of mages.

- A strong selection of cavalry types won’t always make up for relatively weak-armoured rank and file, and the correct support of ranked units is essential to consistent victory against tougher units and large monsters.

- Of all the races, the Empire plays most similarly to a traditional Total War faction, and players will find themselves contending with distinctly human concerns in the opening stages of their campaign. Uniting the Elector Counts by force or diplomacy to steady the realm against future threats is a key initial strategy.

- However, as their campaign progresses, Empire players will find themselves on the frontline as the realm of men bears the brunt of the Chaos Warrior incursion from the frozen north.

Legendary lordsEdit

  • Emperor Karl Franz
  • Balthazar Gelt
  • Volkmar The Grim (DLC)

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