Steam Drydock NTW Icon
The Steam Drydock is a type of port in Napoleon: Total War.


A steam drydock is a basin for shipbuilding and repair that can be pumped dry by steam power. Steam engines also power much machinery.

It is a magnificent achievement of industry: a manufactory for ships where men work amid t he flames of engines and furnaces to produce warships of tremendous size and power. Beam engines are used to pump water out of docks, but other engines are used to power sawmills, lathes, block-making machines and dockside cranes: where craftsmen would once have laboured, heavy machinery does their work. Like much steam industry, however, it is also a horrible and dangerous place to work, and a steam drydock does less than nothing to make the lower classes of a region feel happy.

Historically, the technology for draining drydocks was simply that used to pump water out of mines: the problem and the solution were identical. However, once steam power was in traditional docks, its uses quickly spread, simply because of the work needed to keep a fleet in operation. By the time of the Napoleonic Wars, the British Royal Navy was the largest industrial organisation in the world, let alone the largest combat force. The admirals, for all their love of tradition, were always quick to appreciate any new development that strengthened their beloved service.


Requires DrydockSteam Engine. Costs 10,800 to build.

Steam Drydock NTW
  • -2 happiness from industrialisation (lower classes)
  • Recruitment capacity (ship under construction): 3
  • Enables recruitment and replenishment of: all warships

Steam Drydocks unlock the ability to build the largest ships of the lines, as well as steam-powered warships and Rocket Ships. Both rocket ships and steam ships require additional technologies before they can be built, however. 

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