For the similarly named Empire: Total War building, see Army Staff College.

Staff College NTW Icon
The Staff College is a type of military building in Napoleon: Total War.


A staff college trains officers in the strategies needed to win wars, and improves the recruitment of military units.

Tactics win battles, but running an army requires far more from the officers in charge. It is not enough to get men to a battlefield: they must be armed, supplied, fed, shod, and trained before any general can turn them into a victorious tool of the state.

In practice, this meant that officers were taught a wide range of skills, beyond being able to organise a regiment. Apart from an understanding of strategy, officers were taught military illustration, a vital skill of producing accurate sketch maps and diagrams, some surveying, military law, horsemanship, weapons handling, and given character-building instruction. This last item included instruction, when regrettably necessary, in how to behave like a proper gentleman. In many countries, students were expected to pay their own fees, partly to ensure that only the best families sent their sons to the colleges. By all accounts, Napoleon: Bonaparte did not listen to many lessons

General InformationEdit

Staff College

The Staff College is the final tier of military building that may be constructed, upgraded from the Military Academy. It requires the General Staff technology, 12,000 gold, and 12 turns. Like all other final tier buildings, it may only be built in a faction's capital region, though more than one may be obtained if they capture a region that already has one built. The Staff College serves to unlock all remaining military technologies, unlocks all remaining cavalry and infantry units, and grants many existing cavalry and infantry units an extra chevron of experience upon recruitment. It reduces training costs for all military units globally. Finally, it allows its controller to recruit extra generals for their army. 


  • -4% recruitment cost for all line infantry in all your regions
  • Generals become available for recruitment at a fast rate
  • Admirals become available for recruitment at a fast rate
  • Nation-wide effects only apply when this building is in your home region
  • Maximum amount of generals: +2
  • Maximum amount of admirals: +2
  • Recruitment capacity (units in training): 3
  • Enables research of: Uniform Armament, Rockets, Percussion CapRifled Cannons, Iron Plating
  • Enables recruitment and replenishment of: end-game infantry and cavalry

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