Stables are a type of resource building in Napoleon: Total War.


Cavalrymen need horses. Stables provide these and make the recruitment of cavalry units cheaper.

A cavalryman is only as good as his horse, so the care of these animals must be first and foremost in his mind. Stables add to the agricultural wealth of a region, although producing draft animals is not their primary purpose.

Historically, the national stud farms of France were closed during the Revolution became they were seen as a symbol of decadent aristocracy. When Napoleon came to power he re-opened them and proceeded to recreate France's breeding stock, taking stallions from conquered enemies. He kept a personal stable of eighty horses, most of which were good-tempered and gentle gallopers. Growing up in Corsica, Napoleon never received any formal training in the equestrian arts and many reported that his riding style was practical, but lacking in refinement. It is also worth noting that a general has better things to do in battle than worry about controlling his horse.


Costs 300 gold, 2 turns to build, requires a pasture slot. Can be upgraded to Stud Farm

Stables NTW
  • -3% recruitment cost for cavalry in this region
  • +50 to region wealth

Stables generate a tiny amount of wealth. They produce half the wealth of Farms, yet have identical costs and build times. Their reduction to recruitment cost of cavalry can justify building them, however, particularly if one region or two with stables specialize in training cavalry. Depending on tax rate, the building pays for itself after 13-20 turns from tax revenue alone, or if the region spends 9,700 gold on recruiting cavalry, or a combination of both. 

The reduction to recruitment cost for cavalry stacks with other cost reduction buildings, such as iron mines. Regions with both iron mines and stables are prime candidates to becoming recruiting hubs for cavalry.

Along with faction-unique buildings, stables and their upgrades are some of the only buildings that do not receive a discount from the Logging Camp line of buildings. However, they benefit from the discount in The Peninsular Campaign.

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