Medieval Spain
Leader Alfonso
Religion Catholic
Appears in Grand Campaign
Culture Southern European
Starting regions Leon Region; Toledo Region

Spain is one of the factions of Medieval II: Total War, unlocked at start of campaign. They follow the Catholic Church.


Any man who is born on the Iberian Peninsula would call himself a "Spaniard," so when King Alfonso VIdeclared himself the "Emperor of all Spain" three years ago, it was truly a bold claim. After all, not since the time of the Western Roman Empire has one noble court truly ruled the peninsula unopposed. Currently, the Moors hold southern Iberia quite tightly, and Portugal's declaration of independence really proves Alfonso wrong.

However, Alfonso has managed to become the King of Leon, Castile, and Galicia all at once, so there is definitely more to his claim than wild boasts. Now that the petty differences of the Christian Courts have been abolished, the Reconquista looks like it may finally become a reality - Alfonso VI is the first sovereign to truly find himself in a position to actually drive the Muslims back into northern Africa.

The first moves for the King of Spain are obvious, but beyond Iberia, there is far less certainty. The king of France may be cowering in Paris to avoid facing other French noble robber barons, but crossing the Pyranees to take his southern fiefdoms is more likely to unify his people than split their loyalties.

Unless the new Spanish royalty are willing to embark on such a dangerous campaign, they must look to the sea to find less daunting borders to cross. The Spaniards have always shown an affinity for the water, and make fine seafarers. Who knows, perhaps the great empires of the future will be forged at sea rather than on dry land - if so, the people who mastered this art of war first would inherit the earth.


Excellent naval units, light infantry, and cavalry.


Lacks heavy infantry and spears in early period.


Spain is a Playable Faction in Medieval II: Total War. They are a Southern European faction with their starting position in Galicia, León and Castilla.

Spain's units are a well-blended mix of skirmishers, excellent swordsman, spearmen and pikemen, and a decent cavalry. Their gunpowder units are also highly advanced and deadly. Spain is also a very strong Naval Power faction. they are also the only Southern European Faction along with Portugal to have a Northern European ship - the Cog as their first Naval Ship. This is due to the rough Atlantic Ocean near Spain and Portugal.

Spain's units early on in the game have a poor selection of Infantry with militia and Javalinmen being the best choices. Later on however they start to gain heavy infantry, like dismounted Feudal Knights, dismounted Chivalric Knights, sword and buckler men and dismounted conquistadors.

With Spain's position near the Moors and Portugal it is quite clear for the player that the Reconquista must commence and the re-conquest of Spanish lands from the Muslim Moors must be at hand early on in the game. This is a great conflict for the player if he or she is to succeed as this will grant rich territories and Papal favor. It would be recommended to the player after kicking out the Moors and consolidating their position on the whole of the Iberian Peninsula that they should march south into North Africa and conquer the riches there for the Glory of Spain and to get even with the Moors.

Spain's starting regions even allow them to expand into eastern France, where mainly it is only rebel-provinces. This could make way for more powerful units, allowing Spain to attack Britain and finally finishing off the Moors. Historically Spain did succeed in the Reconquista brilliantly, lasting well off into the 1400's. They would go on to conquer most of the Americas and be the first Europeans to gaze upon the Pacific, their culture and language still thrives in the colonies they established.


  • Religion - Catholic
  • Long Campaign win conditions - Hold 45 regions, including: Jerusalem Region, Granada Region
  • Short Campaign win conditions - Hold 15 regions. Eliminate Factions: Moors, Portugal
  • Financial Start - Starting Purse 9,000 Florins
  • Kings Purse - 2,500 Florins


  • Leon (Large Town,Capital) - Town Guard, Small Church, Town Hall, Grain Exchange, Port
  • Toledo(Castle) - Knight's Stables

Initial units

  • 3 General Bodyguard's
  • 4 Spear Militia
  • 3 Town Militia
  • 4 Peasant Archers
  • 1 Mailed Knights

Ruling Family

  • King Alfonso (Age 40; Faction Leader) - Command 3, Dread/Chivalry 0, Authority 2, Piety 3
  • Prince Rodrigo (Age 20; Faction Heir) - Command 3, Dread/Chivalry 0, Loyalty 5, Piety 3

Initial Agents

  • Pedro Descriua (Age 20; Spy) - 3 Subterfuge
  • Domingo Franco (Age 33; Cardinal) - 5 piety
  • Urraca el Valiente (Age 20; Princess) - 3 charm
  • Teresa el Valiente (Age 19; Princess) - 3 charm
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