Slingers (Total War: Rome II)
Slingers edited
Belongs to Athens, Cimmeria, Epirus, Macedon, Seleucid, Syracuse
Requirement(s) Hellenic/Successor town center
Recruitment Cost 270
Upkeep Cost 70
Unit size 90
Weapon(s) Sling, Shortsword
AP damage 4
Bonus VS. None
Charge bonus 3
Melee defense 12
Shield defense 10
Armour 10 (Cloth)
Shield Armour 10 (Small Bronze)
Missile damage 20
Range 150
Ammunition 25
Shots per minute 7
Hitpoints 40
Base morale 25
Special abilities None
Attributes Resistant to Fatigue, Hide (Scrub and Forest)
Slingers are a type of skirmisher featured in Total War: Rome II. Like their counterparts in Rome: Total War, slingers rely on heavy stones or metal balls being hurled via the use of a sling.

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