Slingers (Britons)
Briton Slingers
Appears in Rome: Total War
Belongs to Britannia
Type Skirmisher Infantry
Weapon(s) Sling
Soldiers in each unit 80
Attack skill 3 (Melee)

4 (Missile)

Charge bonus 1
Hitpoints 1
Defense skill 2
Shield bonus 2
Special abilities Expert at hiding in woods; Combat bonus in woods or snow; Fast moving
Cost 150
Upkeep 170

A sling is a deceptively simple weapon: a slinger can bring down the strongest man with a single shot. These slingers can send a hail of bullets towards the enemy, and target their shots for maximum damage. After all, they will have been hunting with slings since boyhood. Slingers should not be allowed to get into melee combat, as their lack of armour and their relative lack of equipment - just a knife or short sword and a shield will soon lead them being cut to pieces. Used to kill enemies from a distance, they are superb missile warriors.