Sixth Rate Icon
Sixth Rate
Sixth Rate
Belongs to All Western factions
Crew 95
Guns 32 (16 on each side)
Firepower 360
Range 500
Accuracy 60
Reloading skill 40
Hull strength 2118
Speed 21
Maneuverability Medium
Tech requirement None
Produced from Shipyard or higher
Special abilities Top Gallants
Cost 920 SP/610 MP
Upkeep 230

The Sixth Rate is a ship type in Empire: Total War.


A sixth rate is the smallest class of frigate. It is a useful scout for slow battle fleets, and usually has excellent handling characteristics.

The Royal Navy system of rating ships defines a “sixth rate” as a small frigate: a single-deck ship, square-rigged, with around 28 nine-pounder guns, and a crew of around 200 men. This is the smallest vessel in the system set out by Samuel Pepys (the very same fellow who is now famous for his sometimes rude diaries), and the smallest command of a post captain. This means that sixth rate captains are either old men, passed over for command, or young, ambitious officers looking to make their mark. It’s also worth pointing out that, even with “only” 28 nine-pounder cannons at his command, the captain of a sloop has more firepower than many generals ashore!

Historically, the sixth rates’ small size made them handy for scouting work and perfect where speed and good sailing qualities were required. They were a very good counter to privateers in smaller luggers, brigs and sloops; sixth rates can chase them down and have enough guns and men to win the subsequent engagement! They were also extremely useful in blockades, as they could sail in shallow waters and keep close watch on enemy ports.

General InformationEdit

As the smallest class of frigate, the Sixth Rate boasts impressive speed and handling, and has enough firepower to effectively engage frigates and light ships. However, its cannons are fairly weak and do not pose much of a threat to larger ships.

Unlike most other ships, Sixth Rates are not available to non-Western factions such as the Ottoman Empire and the Maratha Confederacy.

Some factions' ship statistics are different from others; differences are listed below (traits that to not differ are not listed).

Type Accuracy Reload Skill Hull Strength Speed Morale Cost Upkeep
Standard 60 40 2118 18 8 920 230
France 70 40 2146 19 8 1040 260

Great Britain

60 55 2198 18 9 940 230
Spain 60 40 2118 18 8 910 220
United States 60 50 2198 18 9 890 220
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