The Siegessäule is a unique building in Napoleon: Total War. It may be constructed by Prussia in their capital region.


This magnificent structure greatly adds to national prestige.

Pride in one's nation is a powerful thing, and what better way to instill national pride than to build a structure that celebrates the great achievements of the country? Be it past victories, advances in education and technology, or a collection of treasures, such structures provide a stage to display achievements to the world. National standing compared to other nations is vastly important in matters of diplomacy, so a public demonstration of national power will improve prestige.

The Siegessäule, or Victory Column, was built to commemorate Prussia's victory in the Danish-Prussian War of 1864. However, it took so long to build that when it was eventually finished in 1873 Prussia had succeeded in winning two more wars! These later victories, against France and Austria, were the reason why a statue of the goddess Victoria was added to the top of the sandstone pillar. The base of the pillar was decorated with four bronze reliefs that depict the three victories and the glorious return of Prussian troops to Berlin.


Requires 15,000 gold and 12 turns. 

Siegessäule NTW
  • -5% recruitment cost for infantry in all your regions
  • Nation-wide effects only apply when this building is in your home region
  • Enhances National Prestige

The Siegessäule pays for itself after 285,000 gold has been spent on infantry. Prussian infantry's recruitment cost varies between 500-1,000 gold, so hundreds of infantry must be trained in order to justify building the Siegessäule.


  • The Siegessäule is anachronistic for the timeframe of Napoleon: Total War. It was designed after 1864 and was inaugurated on 2 September 1873 in reality. Also, the model depicts it with four rings of golden decorations, though the fourth ring was added in 1938–39.

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