Shield scotland
Leader Malcolm
Religion Catholic
Appears in Grand Campaign and Tutorial Campaign
Culture Northern European
Starting regions Edinburgh Region

Scotland is one of the factions of Medieval II: Total War, unlockable after completing the campaign as one of the starting factions. They follow the Catholic Church.


William the Conqueror may have undisputed claim over the Kingdom of England, but he must still deal with the Celtic Lords of Scotland should he have designs on calling himself monarch of the British Isles. In fact, Malcolm III, the ruling King of Scotland has already made several forays into England's north since the Normans have arrived, continuing a legacy of conflict between Celtic and continental bloodlines that has existed for over a millennium.

Scotland may have a proud track record of defying much greater powers south of the border, including the mighty Roman Empire, but some of the highland nation's more brilliant scholars are now preaching caution to Canmore. The Britons are no longer a distant set of islands on the edge of civilization, and to continue to think of this position as being truly secure would be to lie to one's self. The arrival of the Normans, with their heavy cavalry is proof that continental powers are now capable of arriving in force across the sea, and that warfare itself is evolving. None of Canmore's thrusts into Northumbria have thus far been decisive, and perhaps this is not something Scotland should be doing alone.

At present, the French would appear to be Scotland's most logical ally. The animosity between the French monarchy and the Normans has only grown with William's expansionist behavior, and Philip would be mad not to want England's attention split across two fronts.

Of course, until the Scots can either secure a powerful ally or bring their armed forces up to the standards of the major European powers, it may be well worth it for Malcolm III to simply swallow his pride and avoid entering any further conflict with the English, or heaven forbid, contemplate an alliance.


Makes excellent use of spears and pikes.


Lacking in cavalry, and the nobles often prefer to fight on foot.


  • Religion - Catholic
  • Long Campaign win conditions - Hold 45 regions, including: Jerusalem Region
  • Short Campaign win conditions - Hold 15 regions. Eliminate faction: England
  • Financial Start - Starting Purse 8,000 Florins
  • Kings Purse- 1,500 Florins


  • Edinburgh (Large Town, Capital) - Town Guard, Small Church, Town Hall, Grain Exchange, Dirt Roads

Initial units

  • 3 General Bodyguard's
  • 3 Spear Militia
  • 2 Town Militia
  • 4 Highland Archers
  • 3 Border Horse
  • 2 Highlanders

Ruling Family

  • King Malcolm (Age 50; Faction Leader) - Command 4, Chivalry 4, Authority 2, Piety 5
  • Prince Edward (Age 24; Faction Heir) - Command 2, Dread 4, Loyalty 5, Piety 3
  • Edmund Canmore (Age 22; Family Member) - Command 1, Chivalry 4, Loyalty 5, Piety 3
  • Alexander Canmore (Age 10; Junior Family Member; Male)
  • David Canmore (Age 8; Junior Family Member; Male)

Initial Agents

  • Fearghus Campbell (Age 20; Spy) - 2 Subterfuge
  • Brian Maknab (Age 51; Cardinal) - 5 piety
  • Patrick Macdougall (Age 20; Diplomat) - 3 Influence
Scotland Start

Scotland's starting position

Army under Prince EdwardEdit

  • The General himself is the faction heir, has 2 command, 4 dread, 5 loyalty, 3 piety.
  • General's Bodyguard (27 men)
  • Spear Militia (75 men)
  • Highlanders (75 men)
  • Border Horse (40 men)
  • Highland Archers (60 men)

Army under Edmund CanmoreEdit

  • The General himself is a family member, has 1 command, 4 chivalry, 5 loyalty, 3 piety.
  • General's Bodyguard (20 men)
  • Border Horse (40 men)
  • Highlanders (75 men)
  • Spear Militia (75 men)
  • Highland Archers (60 men)
  • Highland Archers (60 men)


The GarrisonEdit

  • King Malcom, the faction leader, has 4 command, 4 chivalry, 2 authority, 5 piety.
  • General's Bodyguard (31 men)
  • Border Horse (40 men)
  • Highland Archers (60 men)
  • Town Militia (75 men)
  • Town Militia (75 men)
  • Spear Militia (75 men)


Highland Nobles

Highland Nobles

Scotland has the advantage of having excellent pike and spear units, but lacks in cavalry, only having Border Horse, light cavalry with less armour than the Mounted Sergeants of other factions, and the Mailed Knights.


  • The symbol of Scotland is based on the Flag of Scotland, which was used from early 16th century.
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