Saxon Peasants
Saxon Peasants
Appears in Medieval II: Total War
Campaign Historical Battle Only
Type Civilian
Weapon(s) Pitch Fork
Soldiers in each unit 105
Attack skill 4
Charge bonus 1
Hitpoints 1
Armor None
Defense skill 3
Shield bonus 0
Tech requirement Historical Battle Only
Produced from Historical Battle Only
Special abilities None
Cost Historical Battle Only
Upkeep Historical Battle Only

Life at the bottom rung of medieval society is not easy or healthy. In times of war peasants are forced from their farms and drafted into levies, and if they are lucky, given some kind of simple weapon to fight with. Unsurprisingly, peasants are undisciplined troops who are better at fleeing than they are fighting. The units in game are generally armed with Pitch Forks, a tool used to lift clumps of hay, as a tool and not a weapon it is a symbol of their agrarian background.


Peasants were often called to arms in the Medieval era. When times were dire Kings would call on not only untrained soldiers but also the famers and land labourers. Saxon peasants in this case were roused to fight in the name national defence against xenos powers such as the Normans.