Savoy is a minor faction in Empire: Total War, a country in Northern Italy. 

Starting PositionEdit

Basics at startEdit

Ruler – Victor Amedeus II (King) Population – 652,308 Prosperity - Destitute Prestige – Feeble Treasury – 7500 Technology – None Gentlemen – Severiano Gagliano (Turin) Missionaries – None Rakes – Lucio Amaroso (Turin)

Europe TheatreEdit

Turin, SavoyEdit

Starting Buildings – Military Governor’s Encampment Infrastructure - Basic Roads Population – 652,308 Wealth – 2675 Religion – Catholicism 80.0%, Protestantism 20.0% Starting Towns/Ports – Provence Vineyards (Wineries), Nice (Trading Port), Chambery (Craft Workshops Weavers) Later Villages/Ports – Chieri (Village)

General InformationEdit

Savoy exists on territory required by France for conquest in the short and long campaigns of the Grand Campaign. Its AI generally declares war on whoever owns France or territories in the Italian peninsula.

Unit RosterEdit

Savoy's unit roster is largely generic, with the exception of the fact that it can train Heavy Cavalry.

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