Sassanid Empire
Sassanid empire flag
Leader(s) Bahram
Capital Ctesiphon
Culture Eastern Sassanid
Religion(s) Zoroastrian
Emerges in 395 AD
Appears in Total War: Attila
The Sassanid Empire is a playable faction in Total War: Attila.


“The Sassanids are the latest in a line of Persian empires stretching back almost 1,000 years.”

Sassanid vassals consolidated their power in Fars before seizing control of the Parthian Empire. Since then, their lean, centralised administration has revitalised and expanded its boundaries. Such prominence inevitably attracts opposition, however, and the Sassanids now find themselves in a delicate situation. Forces from without threaten their control of the Silk Road, while the Eastern Romans undermine them even in times of peace. Yet the Sassanids cannot be slowed by such things. As their claim to the throne is rooted in military prowess it is imperative that their recent conquests continue, lest control be wrested from Persian hands once more.

Beginning the campaign with a number of satrapies under its control, the Sassanid Empire enjoys an impressive recruitment base and level of income, and stands ready to expand. An educated people, the Sassanids understand well the link between cleanliness and health, and plan their capitals around the provision of sanitation.

Faction TraitsEdit

Cultural TraitsEdit

Grand SchoolEdit

"Knowledge is not power, but it is the bedrock upon which power is built."

  • Sanitation: +1 for every province capital held

Faction TraitsEdit

King of KingsEdit

"The Shah, with a watchful eye, observes, controls, and exacts."

  • Income: +100% tribute from puppet states
  • Puppet state levies: +3 of each type of levy unit

Unit RosterEdit

Melee Infantry Dailamite WarriorsElite Dailamite InfantryNaft ThrowersPersian BrigadeSogdian Warriors
Spear Infantry Armenian SpearsElite ImmortalsImmortalsPaighan BandPersian Levy
Missile Infantry Armenian SlingersKurdish ArchersKurdish JavelinmenPersian BowmenPersian BowsPersian HurlersPersian SkirmishersRoyal Persian Archers
Melee Cavalry Camel ClibanariiLakhmid ScoutsPersian Camel RaidersPersian Mounted WarriorsPersian NoblesPersian ScoutsSavaran SardarSogdian Camel RaidersSpahbed
Shock Cavalry Grivpanvar CataphractsGyan-AvsparPersian CataphractsPushtighban CataphractsSavaran Cataphracts
Missile Cavalry Elite Savaran CavalryPersian Camel ArchersPersian Mounted BowmenSavaran CavalryZhayedan Immortal Cavalry
Elephants Armoured Indian ElephantsIndian Elephants
Siege Artillery OnagerBastion OnagerLarge OnagerSassanid Large Onager

Starting ConditionsEdit



  • Nisibis


  • Arbela
  • Meshan
  • Ctesiphon


  • Susa
  • Spahan
  • Issatis


  • Siraf
  • Stakhr
  • Behdesir



  • The symbol of the Sassanid Empire faction depicts a Simurgh, an ancient Iranian mythological creature.
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