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Russian Flag
Leader(s) Tsar Pyotr
Playable Yes
Religion(s) Eastern Orthodox
Appears in Grand Campaign
Nationality Siberia
Emerges in 1700

Russia is a  nation in the far eastern part of Europe. She is a Major Faction and is available in the Grand Campaign mode.


"Muscovy", as its rulers have previously called it, is a sleeping giant, with age-old traditions and ways of doing
Russian Flag modern (Empire Total War)

Russian Variation

things. Here, the feudal way of life has become so entrenched that the serfs are as tied to the land as cattle, and with almost as few rights. It is a vast, deeply conservative and relgious country; Mother Russia and the Orthodox Church are the two pillars of belief. The Tsar may be the father of his people, but by traditions and practice he is a stern parent. Ivan the terrible was well named, and he has not been the only ruler with an iron will. Russia needs a strong hand to control the "Third Rome", the true home of Christianity (according to the Orthodox church) after the fall of Byzantium.

Now, however, Russia is changing, awakening. It is beginning to look outwards, towards the best that the rest of the world has to offer in terms of ideas, culture and might. These things must be introduced carefully, to avoid the ills of free-thinking that beset some Western nations. When Russia does fully realise its strength, however, it will be formidable indeed. It has boundless resources to draw upon, and the steadfast courage of its people to bolster its armies. It can be a formidable foe, and a difficult one for an enemy to attack. One thing that Russia does have is endless space, and the lack of apparently defensible frontiers actually becomes a defence in itself. Invaders can be lured deep into the steppes, and left to the mercies of "General Winter" and Russia's endless, empty lands.

To the west lies the wealth of Europe and access to the wider world through a port on the Baltic. That the troublesome Swedes are in the way is a bonus, for they will have to be crushed! To the south, there are fellow Slavs and Orthodox Christians in the Balkans to be incorporated into a Greater Russian empire. The infidel Turks have lands and wealth aplenty too, but possibly the strength to defend them.

And beyond, there is a wider world awaiting conquest by the sons of the Mother Russia.


Russian political map (Empire total war)

Russia returns in Empire: Total War. At the beginning of the game it starts off with a total of 9 regions which border Sweden , Georgia, Chechnya-Dagestan , Poland-Lithuania and the Ottoman Protectorate Crimean Khanate. The regions that Russia does control are largely unprotected and undeveloped; as are the armies and farms of the nation. Overall, Russia is a backwards nation, which unlike many of its Western European counterparts, it possesses a lot of land but has very little initial strength.

In the begenning of the game Russia is at war with the Ottoman Empire and is allied with Poland. Some of the Islamic nations to it's south may join the Ottomans and declare war, or can possibly be conquered by the Ottomans themselves and therefore create a gateway to Russia's mainland.

Though for a new player, playing as Russia may seem as an initial bad choice. However, her geographic size makes it impossible for any nation to conquer her within five turns. Also her political standings with other nations (Exlcuding the Ottomans and other Muslim nations) are fairly good; with the Polish being the "First line" of defense against any western european power. Another thing to note is, that the Ottomans are not the biggest threat to the success of Russia. To the northwest lie the Swedish. They are initially stronger than the Ottomans and are also closer to Russia's capital city of Moscow (Although losing your capital doesn't automatically make you lose the game, your capital is still not the most favorable region to lose).

All this aside, a skilled player can build up Russia's army and quickly sweep through the Ottomans. If they play the political game well enough, they can gain more trade than even the Dutch (United Provinces) and have great potential as they have a large landbase with valuable resources such as fur and other comoditites.

Initial InformationEdit

  • Head of State - Tsar Pyotr
  • Generals -
  • Religion - Eastern Orthodox
  • Protectorates - N/A
  • Allies - Poland-Lithuania, Denmark
  • Trade Partners - Poland-Lithuania, Denmark
  • Enemies - Ottoman Empire, Barbany States, Pirates
  • Capital - Moscow, Muscovy


  • Moscow, Muscovy
  • Arkhangelsk, Arkhangelsk
  • Kazan, Tatariya
  • Petrovskaya Sloboda, Karelia
  • Kiev, Ukraine
  • Ufa, Bashkiria
  • Ust-Sysolsk, Komi
  • Astrahkhan, Astrahkan
  • Cherkassk, Don Voisko


  • Ottoman Empire
  • Rebels
  • Barbany States
  • Pirates

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