Rubicon is a playable map in Total War: Arena.


Caesar’s crossing of the Rubicon River marked a pivotal point in ancient history, laying the foundations of Caesar’s dictatorship and ultimately leading to the establishment of the Roman Empire. Here you will battle in considerably more open terrain than you may be used to. Knowing when and where to cross will give you a distinct advantage, but the short distance between camps means you should be prepared for the enemy to react swiftly to your movements.

Key FeaturesEdit

  • The die is cast – Along the central line of the map is the river itself. This can be crossed in most places, but be aware of the consequences of where you choose to cross; the middle offers the shortest route to the enemy but is wide, deep and muddy, making it treacherous to ford, with the potential to be caught out in the open under enemy fire.
  • Through the grapevine – One side of the map consists of farmland, providing a wealth of crops to sneak your units through and across the bridge. However, be wary of the watchtower protecting the area – you may instead find yourself on the defensive from the enemy’s advance!
  • Reap what you sow – On the opposite side of the map, the elevated terrain at the base of the mountains provides many obstacles and cliffs to manoeuvre your troops through. There are various chokepoints that can be used to lure the enemy into perfect ambush positions, but be careful that you yourself are not the one being drawn into a trap!


  • Ariminum
  • Ravenna


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