Royal Pikemen (Macedon)
Macedonian Royal Pikemen
Appears in Rome: Total War
Belongs to Macedon
Type Phalanx infantry
Weapon(s) Spear; Short sword
Soldiers in each unit 121
Attack skill 10
Charge bonus 4
Hitpoints 1
Armor 6
Defense skill 6
Shield bonus 5
Special abilities Can form phalanx; Bonus fighting cavalry; Good morale; Good stamina; Very long spears; Can sap
Cost 740
Upkeep 360

Often deployed in the position of honour in a pike line (usually at the right hand end) thanks to their superior status, Macedonian royal pikemen (or hypaspists) are disciplined troops drawn from the higher echelons of society. The tough royal pikemen carry the shorter hoplite thrusting spear, and are well protected with their large round "argive"-pattern shields as well as leather armour. Other units can draw confidence from the presence of these proud warriors, which makes them a bulwark of many a Macedonian battle line. When close-quarter fighting starts they also carry short swords like other pikemen.[[Category:Phalanx units]