Rom Rorarii
Belongs to Rome
Requirement(s) Roman town center
Recruitment Cost 200
Upkeep Cost 60
Unit size 40/80/120/160
Weapon(s) Spear
Weapon damage 20
AP damage 5
Bonus VS. Large (20), Elephants (20)
Charge bonus 11
Melee attack 13
Melee defense 24
Shield defense 30
Armour 10 (Chest)
Shield Armour 35 (Scutum)
Hitpoints 40
Base morale 30
Special abilities Square
Attributes Disciplined, Formation Attack, Hide (Forest)
Turns to train 1

Rorarii are a unit type in Total War: Rome II. They are the Republic's militia unit, recruitable from any fully constructed town/city center.


The spear-armed Rorarii can quickly reach a crisis point in battle.

“Rem ad Triarios redisse” or “going to the Triarii” was a Latin saying meaning to fight to the bitter end. The veteran triarii were the third line of battle behind the hastati and principes, and only fought when defeat looked likely. However, this saying excludes the supernumerary ranks of the rorarii, who stood even behind the triarii and were, when deployed, the very, very last line of defence. There is much debate over their actual role because historical detail is limited but the rorarii were light infantry armed with spears and shields. They are likely to have been a skirmisher reserve, missile support for the heavier infantry or perhaps rushed to fill any gaps that appeared in the line of triarii. It is thought the rorarii came from the poorest Romans, and were young men of little experience. They may even have been a last remnant of the old Roman phalanx-style army. During the Second Punic War, the rorarii were replaced by velites.

General InformationEdit

A cheap, cost-effective spear unit, Rorarii are comparable to Levy Freemen or Militia Hoplites in role and combat ability. They are effective garrison units in provinces with low public order, and have a significant bonus against cavalry units. They are also very effective at holding units in place, particularly when using the square formation. However, their low melee attack skill means they will rarely actually win any combat with anything but the lightest of units.

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