For the Empire: Total War unit, see Rocket Ship (Empire: Total War).

Rocket Ship
Rocket Ship NTW
Appears in Napoleon: Total War
Belongs to France, Great Britain, Spain
Crew 19
Guns 2 bow rocket racks
Firepower 67 (0?)
Range 750
Accuracy 40
Reloading skill 20
Hull strength 110
Speed 17
Maneuverability Low
Morale 6
Tech requirement None
Produced from Steam Drydock
Cost 1270
Upkeep 310
Unit Cap None
Rocket Ship NTW Icon
The Rocket Ship is a type of support ship in Napoleon: Total War.


A rocket ship is a floating battery, able to set any enemy vessel afire with a horrendous bombardment.

The ship is entirely given over to the business of launch ramps and rocket stands. Given that rockets are horribly inaccurate, the most effective way of using them is to fire a great many at a single target all at once. Such a peppering with rockets, some of which may still be burning, can cause a target to catch fire or even explode. There is also a risk of explosion aboard the rocket ship and, because of this inherent danger, most navies see little point in using good quality hulls to mount rockets. There is little need to reinforce the fabric of the ship, because the rockets do not create much recoil, but rigging chains (not ropes) and wetted sails are standard to reduce the risk of fire.

Military rockets in Europe were the result of some very nasty surprises suffered by European troops in India, where rockets had long been used in warfare. In Britain, Congreve’s rockets were direct copies of Indian weapons although this made them no less fearsome. Rockets were made with all kinds of warheads from simple spears to explosive shells; proposals were even put forward for a variety of war gasses and chemicals, although these were rejected as barbarous and un-Christian by every government. On ships, explosive heads were preferred, as these did the most damage to wooden targets.

General InformationEdit

Rocket ships are support ships, raining rockets on targets from a long distance in a similar manner to Bomb Ketches. While these rockets innately deal little to no damage, they have a high chance of lighting their targets on fire, forcing them to either stop combat and repair or risk burning up and exploding. Due to their inaccuracy, rocket ships are best used against large, slow targets, such as large ships of the line.

Rocket ships are very weak in ship-to-ship fights, with very weak hulls and no forms of defense up close. They need to be kept a significant distance from enemy fleets during engagements in order to survive.

Some factions' ship statistics are different from others; differences are listed below (traits that to not differ are not listed).

Faction Accuracy Reloading Hull Strength Speed Morale Cost Upkeep
France 50 20 110 18 6 1270 SP/1540 MP 310
Great Britain 40 30 120 17 8 1190/1440 MP 290
Spain 40 20 110 17 6 1270/1540 MP 310


Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 2.54.55 PM

When a faction builds a rocket ship for the first time, all factions are given a notification, an example of which is pictured right:

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