For the Napoleon: Total War version, see Rocket Ship (Napoleon: Total War).

Rocket Ship
Rocket Ship
Belongs to Most Western factions
Crew 19
Guns 3 rockets, facing forwards; no cannons
Firepower 0
Range 750
Accuracy 40
Reloading skill 20
Hull strength 548
Speed 16
Maneuverability Low
Tech requirement Explosive Rockets
Produced from Steam Drydock
Cost 2100
Upkeep 520
Rocket Ship Icon
The Rocket Ship is a ship type in Empire: Total War.


A rocket ship is a floating arsenal, usually converted from a two-masted ketch-rigged vessel. The whole ship is given over to a rocket battery and the necessary stores.

A rocket ship is intended to plaster a large area with a huge number of rocket projectiles in a very short time. The need for a large deck space to be clear for the rockets’ launch troughs compromises the ship’s handling and sailing qualities, but this is a small price to pay for horrendous and terrifying firepower! There is also the danger to the crew: the risk of explosion is enough to age any captain prematurely, and rigging chains (not ropes) and wetted sails are standard features.

Military rockets are the result of European troops getting some very nasty surprises when campaigning in India (Congreve’s rocket system was designed to copy Indian weapons). The large variety of warheads, including explosive shells, makes rockets a versatile but often inaccurate weapon. The best way of using rockets is en masse: the more fired at a single target, the better, given that some are almost inevitably going to fly astray – not that this inaccuracy matters to those on the receiving end!

Historically, the Royal Navy used rockets to bombard ports and enemy fortifications. The phrase “the rockets’ red glare” in the US national anthem commemorates the use of Congreve rockets against Fort McHenry, which guarded the harbour entrance at Baltimore, Maryland, during the War of 1812.

General InformationEdit

Rocket Ships are support ships, firing deadly rockets from afar. While they may not be very accurate, the rockets that are fired are quite numerous, and have a high chance of setting a ship on fire or even making it explode if the rockets connect. However, rocket ships are very fragile up close, with weak hulls and no defensive armaments whatsoever.

Rocket ships may only be constructed by Western factions. As they are very fragile, it is difficult to capture them intact.

Some factions' ship statistics are different from others; differences are listed below (traits that to not differ are not listed).

Type Accuracy Reload Skill Hull Strength Speed Morale Cost Upkeep
Standard 40 20 548 15 6 2100 520
France 50 20 562 16 6 2170 540

Great Britain

40 35 578 15 7 2135 530
United States 40 30 578 15 7 2100 520
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