The Road to Independence is an Empire: Total War Campaign. It has three chapters and a United States Campaign. The first chapter is a few decades after the settlement of Jamestown in 1607. The second chapter is the Thirteen Colonies fighting the French and Indian War (or known as The Seven Years War) for Great Britain. The third chapter starts of with a historical battle (known as the Battle of Bunker Hill, or as the game calls it, the Battle of Boston) and begins the American Revolution. The United States Campaign takes place after the American Revolution, where the player starts expanding U.S territory.


Episode 1Edit

Ingame DescriptionEdit

"In April 1607, three Virginia Company ships sailed into Chesapeake Bay under the command of Captain Christopher Newport. They made landfall on the southernmost peninsula in the bay, naming it Cape Henry in honour of the Prince of Wales. Life for the early settlers was far from easy, even though they ruled themselves.

Newport returned to England for supplies, leaving Captain John Smith, an acquitted mutineer, in charge. With limited food supplies, the constant presence of disease, and the danger of attack by the native tribes, many of the settlers perished within a few months of reaching the New World.

If this new community is to fluorish they will need food, in the shape of farms and fisheries. A cash crop like tobacco will prove the financial viability of the colony to those back home in England and much-needed income for the settlers. Complacency, however, is dangerous. The native tribes remain a threat."


Chapter 1

  • Peasant Farms
  • Fishery

Chapter 2

  • Colonial Militia
  • Werowocomoco

Chapter 3

  • Shackamaxon

Episode 2Edit

Ingame DescriptionEdit

"The French and Indian War begin as the result of British and French rivalries in North America, and were part of a larger, globe-spanning conflict between the two nations. In 1754 both countries wanted control of the Ohio Valley, an uncharted, but potentially valuable area. Each built a chain of forts into the valley to stake their claims, and conflict was inevitable, as struggles between native tribes were used to foment further trouble.

The war was a tough experience for the British. Both sides quickly realised that alliances with local tribes would be an asset. The French were better at using the North American terrain to their advantage, and early battles saw heavy British losses. However, it was during this conflict that a young officer called George Washington began his military career.

To secure America, the British must remove the French threat. Take control of the Ohio Valley. Fort Niagara must be in British hands if an attack on the Southern fort of Louisberg is to succeed, and allow a campaign northwards to Quebec and Montreal."

Chapter 1

  • Iroquois Confederacy
  • Fort Niagara
  • Fort Dequesne

Chapter 2

  • Louisberg
  • Dockyard

Chapter 3

  • Quebec
  • Montreal

Episode 3Edit

"In 1775, a storm is brewing in America. Following the end of the French and Indian Wars, many people in the Thirteen Colonies were increasingly incensed by the British. Laws and new taxes are being imposed from London, and "seditious talk" of revolution is no longer a whisper!

Discontent is widespread, but it is not until a morning in April, 1775, that talk becomes warfare. In Lexington, a group of British soldiers open fire on local militiamen. This skirmish, the Battle of Lexington and Concord, saw the first shots fired in a conflict that would split families, divide friends, and tear apart an empire.

As so the fight for America's freedom had truly begun. Until the British are removed from the Thirteen Colonies, Americans shall never truly be free. If the British Army is to be driven out, the Americans will need help. Allying yourself with the enemies of the British could provide the experienced troops required to remove them from America once and for all."

Battle of Bunker HillEdit

This historical battle is the Battle of Bunker Hill. You play as the United States. Your goal is to stay on the fortified hill you're given and drive off the British.

Campaign in Episode 3Edit

Set during the American Revolution, your goal is to unite the states (and possibly capture Canada) by capturing those regions and freeing them from British oppression. You may also need to capture Iroquois Territory. Your other goal is to get foreign aid from France, Spain, and the United Provinces to help you fight the British.

Objectives: Capture and Hold 15 Regions by the End of the Year 1825

The United States: A New NationEdit

"The United States of America is a nation forged in the fires of revolution and rebellion against a British monarch seen as distant, foreign and tyrannical.

After the French and Indian Wars, the British government took an entirely unreasonable line: the American colonists should pay taxes to contribute to the navy and army that helped defend them. After all, those colonial fellows enjoyed the benefits of peace, protected by Britain's expensive soldiers and sailors. The colonists had other views. The British responded with political stupidity and military inepitude.

Aided, once they had rebelled, by the French Bourbons (who, for reasons of their own, had every wish to see Britain pre-occupied by war and then humiliated by seditious rebels), the Americans faced down Britain. The struggle split countries, cities, towns, even families, but it united the nation.

In its wake, the revolution left behind a new kind of nation, a republic where men choose their own destinies, and are not subject to the whims of kings. This spirit of independence is a source of strength: it is an idea worth defending! It is also a source of weakness, for Americans cherish the right to do as they think best. This is not necessarily a good thing in an army.

America now has a future of boundless possibilities. A continent stretches away to the West, and no one is entirely sure what is to be found there. The Atlantic swell washes against the eastern seaboard, and beckons American seamen onwards: trade and adventure lie that way too. There may still be scores to settle with the British in Canada, or ambitious nations from Europe to discourage. There is much to do, if this newest and boldest of nations is to survive and prosper."


Capture and Hold 22 Provinces including those provided:

  • Texas
  • Pennsylvania
  • Upper Louisiana
  • New Mexico
  • New France
  • Michigan Territory
  • Florida

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