Ritterbrüder (Teutonic Order)
Appears in Kingdoms
Belongs to Teutonic Order
Type Heavy Cavalry
Weapon(s) Lance for charging; Sword for hand to hand combat
Soldiers in each unit 30
Attack skill 11
Charge bonus 7
Hitpoints 1
Armor 7
Defense skill 5
Shield bonus 8
Special abilities Combat bonus in snow; Frighten nearby enemy infantry; May charge without orders; Good morale
Cost 970

Rarely does one so holy appear so terrifying on the field of battle, yet these elite knights, some with horned helmets, cast an almost demonic visage. From a combatant's perspective there is no holiness about them, as any who move close enough to admire their excuisite weaponry and armor, feel an unnatural dread rising inside them.


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