Rise of the samurai

Shogun 2 : Total War Rise of the Samurai

Rise of the Samurai is a DLC expansion for Total War: Shogun 2. It was released on September 27th, 2011.


Set in 1175, Rise of the Samurai introduces a new campaign based on the Gempei War which led to the creation of the first Shogunate and the rise of the samurai class.


Similar to the base game, the campaign in Rise of the Samurai is a fusion of turn based strategic as well as real-time combat gameplay. Players start out as the leader of a clan within one of the three families (Fujiwara, Minamoto, Taira) the player is tasked with managing their lands and army movement through different turns whilst also engaging in real time battles with other factions.

New to Rise of the Samurai, the player will have a sister clan who will act as an ally at the beginning of the campaign.

Because of the early historical setting, advanced units such as matchlock riflemen and cannons are not available for players, as the technologies had not yet been discovered.


Each powerful family (the Minamoto, the Taira, and the Fujiwara) are divided into two clans.

Fujiwara FamilyEdit

  • Hiraizumi Fujiwara
  • Kubota Fujiwara

Minamoto FamilyEdit

  • Kamakura Minamoto
  • Kiso Minamoto

Taira FamilyEdit

  • Fukuhara Taira
  • Yashima Taira

New UnitsEdit

There are 16 new units for this campaign which include:

Land UnitsEdit

Hero UnitsEdit

Navy UnitsEdit

10 new ships are added as well as the morale features "Banzai!", "Whistling Arrows", and "Rally".

Agent UnitsEdit

  • Shirabyoshi (which acts like a geisha)
  • Junsatshushi (which acts like a metsuke)
  • Monomi (which is a spy, assassin, saboteur, and scout)
  • Suo (which is like a monk/priest/metsuke)

New Historical ScenarioEdit



An exclusive look at the new 'Rise of the Samurai' campaign map

An exclusive look at the new 'Rise of the Samurai' campaign map

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