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Rhyfelwyr info

Rhyfelwyr are Welsh heavy infantry.



While Welsh infantrymen usually favor agility over strength, Rhyfelwyr are not your typical Welshmen. Wielding a large two-handed axe and wearing the heaviest armor available to them, what these axemen lack in tact they make up for in sheer brute force.


  • 120 soldiers per unit.
  • 14 attack
    • Charge bonus of 8
  • Melee only
  • 13 defense
    • 5 Armor
    • 8 defense skill
    • No shield
  • 1 hitpoint
  • Costs 320 florins.
  • Strengths: Strong Vs. Armor (Armor Piercing).
  • Weaknesses: Slow Movement Speed.
  • Can Board Ships
  • Can hide in forest
  • Can Withdraw

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