For the similar Empire: Total War unit, see Republican Guard. For the similar Fall of the Samurai unit, see Republican Guard Infantry.

Republican Guards

NTW Republican Guards GreatBritain

NTW Republican Guards Prussia

NTW Republican Guards Russia

Appears in Napoleon: Total War
Belongs to Great Britain, Prussia, Russia
Type Elite Infantry
Ammunition 10
Soldiers in each unit 40/80/120/160
Melee attack 9
Charge bonus 14
Defense skill 13
Morale 11
Range 80
Accuracy 50
Reloading 75
Produced from Staff College
Special abilities
Cost 880
Upkeep 220
Turns to Train 4
Unit Cap 4

Republican Guards are a type of elite infantry in Napoleon: Total War


The Republican Guards are proud to fight for their people and are unwavering in the defence of hard-won liberties.

The guard are trained to fight in the same fashion as line infantry, delivering volley fire from their smoothbore muskets. They are considered to be elite as they are chosen for their devotion to the national cause and for their personal courage. This devotion to freedom inspires other nearby troops to fight for their liberty and guards’ morale is almost boundless.

Historically, this unit had a ceremonial role, in much the same way as a royal or household guard would have in a monarchy, giving protection to the head of state. Their presence at formal occasions added legitimacy to the business of a republic. A republican guard was different from a royal guard in one other respect: it might include political officers, who watched for signs of disloyalty. The “palace guard” sometimes became the only unit a leader could trust when politics got out of hand. It was not unknown for the guard to take the role of “kingmakers”, even in a republic and give their protection to a presidential candidate they liked.

General InformationEdit

Republican Guards are the elite soldiers of most Republics. Should a republic become a monarchy, all Republican Guards are automatically disbanded. Compared to their various monarchical counterparts, Republican Guards are inferior: Prussian Foot Guards have better accuracy and reloading, Russian Lifeguard Foot have far a superior charging bonus and better defense, and British Foot Guards have better accuracy, reloading, and slightly better charging bonuses. Despite being inferior guards, however, Republican Guards are still some of the finest line infantry most factions can muster, and inspire nearby troops just as other elite infantry do.

For minor factions that can field Republican Guards, their stats are identical to those of monarchical guards.

France cannot become a Republic and so cannot recruit these guards. Austria cannot recruit any guard type, including Republican Guards.

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