Wh main emp reiksguard
Type Shock Cavalry
Weapon(s) Lance
Soldiers in each unit 60
Melee Attack 32
Charge bonus 62
Hitpoints 104
Armor 150
Defense skill 28
Morale 70
Cost 1200
Upkeep 300
Turns to Train ?
Unit Cap None

"Equipped with the best armour and weapons, Reiksguard deliver a powerful charge, then remain amongst the throng to continue fighting."

Reiksguard is a unit in Total War: Warhammer.


The Reiksguard Knights are the personal army of the Emperor. As an Elector Count, the Emperor also has direct command of his own provincial army - which in the case of Karl Franz are the regiments of Altdorf and the Reikland - but it is the Knights of the Reiksguard that form the symbol of his military strength. As befits their prestigious role and elite status, the Knights are equipped with the very finest weapons and suits of armour available. They ride fine destriers to war and the suits of gleaming plate armour in which they are clad are emblazoned with symbols of allegiance to the Emperor. Although few in number, the Reiksguard Knights are the most important part of the Emperor's army, for they are a symbol of the Empire's nobility and martial might. As such, when a unit of Reiksguard Knights takes to battle, it will typically form up proudly in the centre of the Empire battle line, the better to inspire the common soldiery and reassure them that the blessing of the Emperor is with them.

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