Although the rebels have many diferent banners, this is the rebels main banner which represents all of them

Rebels are non-playable factions that are present in all of the Total War Series. They can easily be identified by their gray color, but have different banners depending on culture and regions.

In some games, rebels start the campaign with an enormous amount of land, scattered all over the map. Rebels also spawn when a revolt occurs in a minor region that does not spawn independent factions.

Although Rebels usually only have their cultural troops, they might be seen with mercenaries by their side.

Settlements that enter Civil Revolt after the start of the game receive a random number of troops that depend on the amount of population in the Castle/City (e.g a Roman town enters a Civil Revolt and that town had 24.000 people living in it, this would create an enormous army and it might even add some stronger units in it.)

Rebels usually do not attempt to expand over other factions and players, and remain in the region they revolted in. However, they can still attack factions' armies that stray into their regions.

In the earlier Total War Series, rebels were just there to help you expand without going into war with major factions (which explains why they are at war with everyone) . But in the later games they really have an impact on factions (e.g in Medieval 2: Total war their main religion is meant to be Heresy, and if they do make it high enough, Heretics and later even Witches will spawn and convert and/or curse Generals (only Witches)).

If a faction gets eliminated from the game, its Generals and Agents will become Rebels, which will increase the Rebels influence to the other factions.

Rebels control some settlements that did not exist at that period, so to make it more realistic as if a faction founded it later.

Empire: Total WarEdit

In Empire: Total War, rebels spawn when a revolt occurs in most regions. If a region is the home region of a faction, however, a rebellion forms instead; if the region is controlled by its native faction then the rebellion, if successful, changes the government of the faction. If the region is controlled by an enemy faction and a rebellion is succesful, then region becomes part of its native faction instead. 

Rebels cannot be negotiated in any way. They cannot rebel against themselves, trade, or make alliances. They do cannot travel outside the borders of their own region. Their unit composition is dependent on the training facilities present in the faction that revolted. A rebel region that is defeated automatically receives a bonus of repression from military crackdown. 

Notes Edit

  1. Rebels can have Generals, but have no family trees.
  2. Rebels usually do not have strong cultural troops, but can be seen with the aid of mercenaries sometimes.
  3. When a settlement enters Civil Revolt, it doesn't have to be a Rebel settlement, it might come back to its previous owner.
  4. In Medieval 2: Total War their main religion is considered heresy, and they will attempt to spread it with Heretics. Unfortunately for them, Heretics are a good way to level up Priest Piety.
  5. They do not recruit units (mostly because they're broke and aren't allowed to recruit most units).
  6. If a faction is eliminated, any troops and generals it had will become rebels.
  7. The more people in a Civil Revolt, the bigger the rebel army will be.
  8. They own most of the map at the start of the game. (This was discontinued from Empire onward)
  9. Rebels in the capital region of a faction in Empire and Napoleon are revolutionaries, and change the government type if they succeed in capturing the city.
  10. They are a good way to expand your territory, as they never attack your settlements and they are usually weak. However, they do like sitting in the forests to ambush people, taking your watchtowers, and blockading your ports.
  11. They are present in all of the Total War series.
  12. There are special types of Rebels for the Roman Empire and the Goths in Barbarian Invasion.
  13. Rebels never have Civil Revolts against themselves, even at the lowest public order level.
  14. The Rebel faction are called slaves/slave in the game files.
  15. The Rebel faction can never be destroyed.

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