Pueblo Nations
The Pueblo Nations are a minor faction in Empire: Total War, and a playable faction in The Warpath Campaign DLC.


The Pueblo Nations take their name from the Spanish word for the clay and earth settlements they live in: "pueblo" means "village". Since the Spanish arrived in North America, the Pueblo have suffered greatly at their hands: Spanish massacres and forced conversions to Catholicism caused an uprising in 1680, and the eventual expulsion of Spain from the region for 12 years. During this time the natives were able to breed horses left behind by the Spanish and develop impressive equestrian skills. By the time the campaign begins, the situation for the Pueblo is almost as bad as it was one hundred years earlier. Spain have reasserted their oppressive ways, but at least the Pueblo Nations can now fight back. By combining their irregular tactics with European ideas and weapons, it is possible the Pueblo could drive Spain out of America for good.


National SummaryEdit


  • Monarch - Nachi
  • Government - Absolute Monarchy
  • State Religion - Animism
  • Capital - Quivira, Apache Territory
  • Treasury - 2500
  • Population - 31636
  • Prosperity - Destitute
  • Prestige Rank - Respected


  • Allies - none
  • At War - Spain
  • Trade Partners - none
  • Protectorates - none


Quivira, Apache TerritoryEdit

  • Starting Buildings - Hunting Grounds, Burial Ground, Council of Elders
  • Infrastructure - none
  • Population - 12858
  • Wealth - 25
  • Starting Towns/Ports - Mesa Farmlands (Not Developed), Eldorado (Village Longhouse), Big Bend Plantations (Not Developed)

Chihuahua, ChihuahuaEdit

  • Starting Buildings - none
  • Infrastructure - none
  • Population - 8135
  • Wealth - 40
  • Starting Towns/Ports - Rio Grande Farmland (Subsistence Farms), Culiacán Mines (Not Developed)

Wichita Falls, Wichita TerritoryEdit

  • Starting Buildings - none
  • Infrastructure - none
  • Population - 10643
  • Wealth - 0
  • Starting Towns/Ports - Arknsas Plantations (Not Developed), Armarillo (Not Developed), Ouachita Farmland (Not Developed)

The Warpath CampaignEdit

The Pueblo Nations are playable in the Warpath Campaign DLC. Unlike all other Native American factions, all the new units they receive are cavalry: Crow Horse Warriors, Apache Mescalero Warriors, and Navajo Scout Warriors


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