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Portugal Flag

Flag of Portugal

Portugal is a minor faction in Napoleon: Total War.

General InformationEdit

Portugal is present in the European and Peninsular Campaigns. In the former, it controls just its namesake region on the western side of the Iberian peninsula and is initially neutral in the conflict, though it has friendly relations with some of the coalition and is unfriendly toward France. It tends to ally with Spain as the game progresses. Its proximity to many trade nodes and its initial trading fleet can make it a wealthy faction. Its starting region is also excellent, with the potential for a MarketTrading Port, and a Gold Mine. This combination of factors make Portugal an excellent region to invade. 

In the Peninsular Campaign, Portugal is the only non-playable faction in singleplayer and controls three regions in the map. It is allied to Spain and Great Britain and is hostile to France. Successful rebellions that happen in Coimbra, Beira or Porto, Norte do not go back to Portugal but stay under the control of the rebel faction instead. Portugal is very passive, and rarely sends its troops past its borders. Like Spain, it has access to both priests and guerrillos. 

In multiplayer, Portugal is playable, with a strong starting position thanks to its bordering the ocean and its regions being home to strong British armies. While there are French forces nearby, Portugal has a strong local advantage in troop numbers.

Unit RosterEdit

Portugal has a very lopsided roster. It has easily the worst cavalry in the game, with only one non-general type available: the mediocre Portuguese Cavalry. On the other hand, its infantry are generally very good. Its light infantry, Cazadores, are the best light infantry in the game, tying with the formidable Prussian Fusiliers in terms of ranged capabilities while surpassing them in melee fighting. Tiradores, Portuguese skirmishers, have the second best reloading and accuracy out of standard skirmishers in the game (slightly behind British Rifles). Portuguese line infantry, simply labeled "Infantry", are above average, with most of their statistics somewhere between Prussian Musketeers and British Foot. Its grenadiers have slightly better reloading, accuracy, and morale than average. Even its militia are better than average, if only slightly. Portugal pays for all of these benefits with more expensive costs for each unit. It also lacks elite infantry of any kind.

Portuguese artillery is lacking, fielding only foot artillery and lacking howitzers, mortars, horse artillery, or rockets of any kind. It has a fairly unique navy roster: it is the only faction that can build 86-gun ships-of-the-line, but it lacks steam-powered ships of any kind.

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