Portugal is a minor faction in Empire: Total War.

Basics at startEdit

  • Protectorates – None
  • AlliesGreat Britain
  • Trade PartnersGreat Britain, Mughal Empire
  • EnemiesBarbary States, Pirates
  • Religion – Catholic
  • Government – Constitutional Monarchy
  • Ruler – Pedro II (King)
  • Population – 2,011,373
  • Prosperity – Rich
  • Prestige – Respected
  • Treasury – 7500
  • Technology - None
  • Missionaries – None
  • Rakes – Hugo Spinoza (Portugal), Adriano Chissano (Goa)
  • Gentlemen – Vicente Lobato (Portugal)

Europe TheatreEdit

Lisbon, PortugalEdit
  • Starting Buildings – Army Encampment, Cannon Foundry, Government Council, Conservatorium, Admiralty
  • Infrastructure - Basic Roads
  • Population – 1,101,544
  • Wealth – 3475
  • Religion – Catholicism 100.0%
  • Starting Towns/PortsAlentejo Farmland (Peasant Farms), Covilhá (Craft Workshops, Weaver), Douro Vineyards (No Building), Évora (School), Porto (Trading Port)
  • Later Villages/PortsFaro (Village), Leiria (Village)

India TheatreEdit

Goa, GoaEdit
  • Starting Buildings – Magistrate
  • Infrastructure - Basic Roads
  • Population – 591,309
  • Wealth – 1007
  • Religion – Catholicism 50.0%, Hinduism 40.0%, Buddhism 10.0%
  • Starting Towns/PortsBarcelor (Trading Port), Yellapur Plantations (Small Tea Plantation)
  • Later Villages/Ports – None

General InformationEdit

The home province is Portugal, and it initially has one region, Goa, in India. The region of Portugal itself can develop to become very powerful, as it has multiple towns and is home to a major city. Spain is usually required to attack this faction to meet its victory conditions. It may also be a target of the Maratha Confederacy, as its short and long campaigns require the conquest of Goa.

Along with Persia, Portugal is one of only two minor factions to have regions in more than one theatre.

Unit RosterEdit

Militarily speaking, Portugal is similar to Spain: able to train the Irish Brigade as well as early, irregular skirmishers. Portugal is the only faction that can train Miquelets (irregular troops), making it one of the only minor factions to train unique units (along with Scottish Clansmen, Norwegian Mountain Troops and Pirate Race-Built Galleons). The rest of its roster is the standard European roster.

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