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Poland Flag

Flag of Poland

Poland is an emergent faction in Napoleon: Total War.

General InformationEdit

Poland emerges if its namesake region (initially controlled by Prussia) has a successful rebellion or is liberated. It is historically friendly to France but hostile to Prussia, Austria, and Russia.

The region of Poland houses a four-slot city, a lumber camp, an intellectual center, and an industrial center. This, coupled with its unusually robust unit roster, can make Poland quite powerful if it survives for long enough.

When playing in the singleplayer European Campaign as France, the player is given a mission to capture Poland after capturing Brandenburg. Unusually for such a large region, Poland generates very little resistance to foreign occupation when captured by France.


Poland has diplomatic grievances with Prussia and particularly Russia. Russia tends to declare war on it in an attempt to annex it.

Below are a list of grievances/friendships other factions have with Poland if it emerges. This list is exhaustive; factions that are not listed do not have friendships or grievances (they are neutral).

Austria France Great Britain Ottoman Empire Prussia Russia Batavian Republic Courland
-55 -20 +45 +25 -25 -75 +25 +65
Crimean Khanate Denmark Kingdom of Sicily Saxony Sweden
+25 -25 +35 +105 -25


Poland's roster is spartan but versatile, fielding one type each of line infantry, light infantry, grenadiers, militia, heavy cavalry, light cavalry, and lancers; it is one of only a handful of minor nations that can train lancers. It has the standard artillery and ship roster. The only unit it really lacks are elite infantry, or indeed any inspiring units other than General's Staff.


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