For the Total War: Shogun 2 faction, see Wako Pirates.

Pirates are a minor faction in Empire: Total War.

General InformationEdit

The Pirates are a unique faction: they are always at war with all factions, and cannot be negotiated with at all. In addition, their unit rosters are completely unique. They operate only in the American and trade theatres, attacking any ships there. However, they never launch land invasions.

Unusually for a minor faction, Pirates are playable in multiplayer, though only for naval battles.


At the start of the Grand Campaign, they have in their possession two regions: Trinidad & Tobago, and the Leeward Isles. They are emergent from more regions than any other faction in the game, as any of the islands in the Caribbean are spawning points for them.

Unit RosterEdit

The Pirates have only two land units: melee-oriented Buccaneers limited to six regiments, and the unique Pirate Mob, which number at 120, compared to the European Firelock Armed Citizenry who have only 60. In addition to being more numerous, the pirate mob have better stats in everything, including ammunition and accuracy. This can sometimes create a nuisance for players who have not invested heavily in the Americas, as the spawned militia can outnumber and destroy small armies.


  • The flag used by the Pirates is the flag used by the famous pirate Calico Jack.
  • There was no one "nation" of pirates. Every pirate gang used their own flag. Skulls were a common motif.
  • They speak in a British accent when selected. Also, their Government and Generals all have British names.
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