Phalanx Pikemen (Macedon)
Macedonian Phalanx Pikemen
Appears in Rome: Total War
Belongs to Macedon
Type Phalanx Infantry
Weapon(s) Sarissa; Short sword
Soldiers in each unit 120
Attack skill 8
Charge bonus 3
Hitpoints 1
Armor 6
Defense skill 5
Shield bonus 2
Special abilities Can form phalanx; Bonus fighting cavalry; Very long spears; Can sap
Cost 580
Upkeep 250

Phalanx pikemen (or phalangites) form the backbone of Macedonian and Seleucid battle lines. In phalanx formation these troops can be used to pin the enemy in place, while mobile forces wheel around the flanks to deliver a decisive blow.

The phalangites are drawn from families with decent resources, as these men need to provide leather cuirass armour and a metal helmet for protection. Phalanx pikemen carry a small shield strapped to the left arm, leaving both hands free to brandish a lengthy pike (the sarissa). Gripped in both hands above the head up to five ranks' worth of pikes can be aimed at the enemy. Men in rows further back hold their pikes at a 45 degree angle creating a shield to ward off enemy arrows. All phalanx pikemen also have short swords.[[Category:Phalanx units]