For the Empire: Total War technology, see Percussion Cap (Empire: Total War).

Percussion Cap
Percussion Cap NTW
Prerequisite Modern Rifles
Research Points Needed 1400
Building Needed Staff College
Leads To None
Stream Military
  • -50% misfire chance for all gunpowder weapons
Percussion Cap is a military technology in Napoleon: Total War.


The percussion lock replaces the flintlock mechanism on firearms, and reduces the chance of misfiring in wet weather.

A flintlock makes a spark in an open pan; this then igniting the gunpowder to fire a musket. A percussion lock uses tiny amounts of chemicals called fulminates to create the spark needed. Fulminates explode when hit; there is no flint to come loose and no powder to become soaked in the rain. Instead a small copper cap is fitted onto the end of a tube that leads into the gun barrel; when struck by the lock’s hammer, the gun fires, even in damp weather.

The percussion cap was the invention of a Scottish clergyman, Alexander John Forsyth (1769-1843), who was looking for a solution to a hunting problem. The flintlock’s “flash in the pan” before the main charge fired alerted birds that they were about to be shot, causing them to fly away in a deucedly unsporting fashion. His clever idea to use a small ignition charge of fulminate of mercury gave him an invisible spark that didn’t warn his feathered targets!

General InformationEdit

Percussion Cap greatly decreases the chance of misfiring for musket and rifle-armed troops, effectively increasing volume of fire: troops that spend less time adjusting their rifles and muskets after a misfire spend more time firing and reloading. This is a particularly strong advantage in rainy weather, where misfires are more common.

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