Peasants (Western Roman Empire)
Peasants (WRE)
Appears in Rome: Total War: Barbarian Invasion
Belongs to Western Roman Empire
Type Melee Infantry
Weapon(s) Fork
Soldiers in each unit 120
Attack skill 2
Charge bonus 1
Hitpoints 1
Armor 0
Defense skill 5
Shield bonus 0
Special abilities Can swim; Poor morale; Fast moving; Can sap; Combat bonus in woods;
Cost 80

Peasants are reluctant warriors at best, but a life of endless toil and drudgery does produce strong, obedient men. They are armed only with whatever weapons can be spared.

Life as a peasant has always been hard within the Empire, but over the last few generations the poor have had the worst deal of all. The markets seem to have failed them; money has lost much of its worth, and even the comforting goods of crops and fields have been taken from them by the State. Added to this are new laws that tie them to the land so that they can be taxed "properly".

Still, a life of drudgery does give a man strength, altough being pressed into the army means a life of drudgery dotted with moments of pure terror. Peasants can fight when they must but they are reluctant soldiers. It will be obvious to any general that they would be happier with shovels in their hands rather than spears!