Partisan Muskets
Partisan Muskets NTW
Prerequisite None
Research Points Needed
Building Needed Cantonment
Leads To None
Stream Military
  • Grants an additional unit of guerrillas when liberating regions to the Spanish
Partisan Muskets are a military technology in The Peninsular Campaign.


Partisan troops fight with a fiery determination, but that is of little use without a reliable supply of weapons.

As more Spaniards arm themselves and dedicate themselves to the cause, you will receive an additional guerrilla unit for every region you liberate from French rule. Guerrillas cannot rely only on their own hunting rifles or plundered enemy weapons. If they are to be a truly valuable force, they will need military-pattern muskets as well for closer engagements. A good supply system will keep them equipped with reliable firearms so they can fight.

Historically, Britain supplied guerrilla bands with relatively few weapons when compared to their supply of the regular Spanish Army. Though the British held some reservations about the Spanish Army and its officers, the guerrilla bands were a new phenomenon and regarded with some suspicion as little better than bandits by socially conservative British commanders. Supplies of clothes and ammunition were sent to the northern Spanish coast, and other weapons were taken from fallen enemies. Despite fighting as allies, both Spain and Britain were wary of each other because of their long mutual history of conflict.

General InformationEdit

Partisan Muskets grants an additional unit of guerrillas whenever a region is liberated. By default, each liberated region grants about two or three units of guerrilla units upon liberation, so unlocking this technology represents a 33-50% increase. Guerrilla units have very poor combat skills, but this technology can increase their quantity to make them a larger threat on the battlefield.

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