Papal Flag

Flag of the Papal States

The Papal States are a faction in Napoleon: Total War.

General Information Edit

Italian CampaignEdit

The Papal States appear in the Italian Campaign, a neutral faction at the outset. It borders Lucca and Tuscany to the west, Austria to the north-west, and Venice to the north. It may ask for an alliance with France on easier settings, and may declare war on harder settings. 

Should hostilities between France and the Papal States be declared in the singleplayer campaign, France is given the mission to subjugate Ancona (the south-easternmost region), with an 8,000 gold reward. While the reward is substantial--in fact, it's more substantial than that offered by any other mission in the game--Ancona is very well defended, and also very out of the way of France's objectives. Given the limited time frame to complete the Italian Campaign this is a risky mission to undertake. 

Europe CampaignEdit

The Papal States occupy the center of the Italian Peninsula, with the Kingdom of Italy to its north and the Kingdom of Naples to its south. In contrast to its northern neighbors, who are allies with France, and its southern neighbors, who are allied with the Coalition, the Papal States are neutral. It tends to ally with the Kingdom of Italy early in the campaign, though it is very passive and rarely moves its armies outside of its own lands unless threatened. 

Should the Papal States be destroyed, it cannot be brought back into the game via liberation or rebellion. Should either of these occur in its home region, Italy emerges instead.

The region the Papal States occupy has a school, a major city, and a gold mine. It is a good target for annexation, and the Papal States' initial lack of allies mean that declaring war on it has few short-term repercussions. 

Unit Roster Edit

Italian CampaignEdit

The Papal States has a wider selection of units than most other factions in the Italian Campaign. In addition to the line infantry, militia, grenadiers, heavy cavalry and artillery the other factions field, the Papal States can also recruit skirmishers and light cavalry. Coupled with their propensity to field large armies quickly, this makes the Papal States a more daunting target than most other factions. 

Europe CampaignEdit

The Papal States has access to line infantry, skirmishers, dragoons, hussars, miitia, and grenadiers. It lacks light infantry, guards, and lancer cavalry. While it has the average roster of ships, the Papal States have no port and rarely expand so it rarely has the opportunity to build a navy. 


  • The Papal States have the same flag as the Italian States, a faction in Empire: Total War.
  • The flag used by the Papal States is the flag of Comtat Venaissin, however, this is inappropriate as this was just a single region in France which was part of the Papal States. A more appropriate flag would be the post 1771 flag of the Papal States.
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