For the Empire: Total War faction, see Ottoman Empire (Empire: Total War).

Ottoman Empire Monarchy Flag NTW

Flag of the Ottoman Empire under a Monarchy

Ottoman Empire Republic Flag NTW

Flag of the Ottoman Empire under a Republic

The Ottoman Empire is a faction in Napoleon: Total War.

General InformationEdit

The Ottomans feature as one of Napoleon's adversaries in the Egyptian campaign. They are more competent than Napoleon's other middle Eastern enemies, the Bedouin and the Mamelukes, but still suffer from poor troop quality when compared to the French. They are allied to Great Britain and protector of the Mamelukes. While they have a less versatile roster than their French enemies, the Ottoman Empire has far more starting lands with a great opportunity for economic development, and all their units are resistant to heat fatigue, giving them a large stamina advantage.

In Napoleon's final campaign and the campaigns of the coalition, the Ottoman Empire begins the campaign controlling the Balkan regions of Rumelia, Romania, Serbia, Greece, and Moldova (as the campaign only focuses on Europe, the rest of its traditional empire is inaccessible). This makes it one of the largest non-playable factions. It borders Russia and Austria to the north east and north west respectively. The Ottoman Empire is unique in that the actions of other factions such as betrayal, expansion, and sabotage do not impact their relationship with the Ottoman Empire. This usually means that, as long as the Ottoman Empire is not at war with a faction, it maintains neutral to good political relationships.

The Ottoman Empire tends to declare war on Austria within the first turn or two. It fields large armies of very poor quality, often heavily consisted of peasantry. Its hostility to Russia and Austria make it a good candidate for being an ally to France--although securing an alliance early on as France may be difficult due to the historical greivances both factions hold for each other. Both Austria and Russia require Ottoman lands as part of their victory conditions, and so usually have to invade it.

With its limited unit roster, the Ottoman Empire is in a difficult position. It faces unique disadvantages: while it starts with a couple of dhows, it cannot field any more merchant ships, meaning that it is the only faction that cannot fully take full advantage of trade nodes. It is also unable to recruit spies or gentlemen. Finally, most of its best troops can only be recruited in its starting regions, so in the rare situations it manages to expand outside its initial borders, the Ottoman Empire cannot easily replace lost high quality troops. 

Unit RosterEdit

The Ottomans field an unusually wide array of militia (all of which are of dubious quality), below average light infantry, and no elite infantry to rely on. They make up for this with their above average line infantry, powerful artillery, superb cavalry (particularly their lancers, which are unusually heavily armored) and deadly melee infantry.

Many ottoman units are so cheap that players using them in custom battles usually have enough funds left over to afford a multi-star general and/or allocate experience. Of the units that benefit from experience, their melee units are perhaps the best candidates. A Cemaat Janissary regiment with some allocated experience can rout nearly any line infantry regiment if it can close the gap without too many casualties.



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