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Oldenburg is an emergent faction appearing in Napoleon: Total War.

General InformationEdit

Oldenburg is a nation that neighbors Denmark, Mecklenburg, Prussian-held Cleves-Mark, and the Batavian Republic. It is not allied to any nation at first, but can be allied to its neighbors occasionally, such as Denmark, Mecklenburg, Prussia, the Batavian Republic (which it almost always does unless forced to declare war on it) or even sometimes France

Oldenburg is one of the smallest factions in Napoleon: Total War, with its home region of Frisia containing just its single-slot region capital and a Stables building. While its region is utterly unremarkable, owning Frisia is a victory requirement for Prussia.

Unit RosterEdit

Ironically for a faction with a stable and little else, Oldenburg has a very poor cavalry roster, being able to recruit only Chevauxlégers. Its infantry roster's a little more diverse than average for a minor faction, with access to line infantry, militia, grenadiers, and skirmishers. It has the standard minor faction artillery and ship roster, neither of which it usually has access to as it is owns a single-slot region capital with no ports, and rarely expands.


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