Naval Drydock
-middle eastern naval drydock
Naval Drydock as it appears on the 'HUD'
Faction(s) Islamic
Type Naval, Mercantile
Grade 3
Exclusive to Both
Requires None
Requires Event(s) "The World is Round"
Costs 6300
Bonus(es) Trade Bonus: +5

The Naval Drydock is the largest naval building available to the Islamic factions of Medieval II: Total War.

0 Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class
-middle eastern port -middle eastern shipwright -middle eastern c dockyard -middle eastern naval drydock
Port Shipwright Dockyard Drydock


Dry ports have been round since the fourth century. They are an advancement on older ports in that they provide a new level of commercial management, support better customs checking, better land-sea transport links, larger container and warehouse facilities, reduce congestion and generally have better management facilities. The first middle-eastern drydock port was in Alexandria, Egypt.


A Naval Dockyard allows the construction of all kinds of ships, and gives control of the port to a properly appointed representative of the crown rather than the local merchants. Trade, however, continues to flourish as the docks are superbly maintained and dredged.