Native Artillery
Native american archers info ar09
Belongs to Native American factions
Type Fixed Artillery
Guns 3
Firepower 21
Range 400
Accuracy 35
Reload 25
Morale 3
Tech requirement None
Produced from Gunsmith
Shot Types Round Shot
Cost 420
Upkeep 180
Turns to Train 2
Unit Cap None
Euro cannon 09 icon

Native Artillery are a type of fixed artillery in Empire: Total War.


Native Artillery gives the firepower needed to put formal, set-piece battles against Europeans on an equal footing.

Artillery gives any war chief an awesome amount of power to strike down his enemies. It does, however, require careful handling in battle to make artillery work well with the informal tactics that many tribes use.

The art of making and repairing cannons is one that tribal smiths can understand, but it is not an easy process with their tools and resources.

Historically, the Native Americans never developed anything approaching an artillery corps. Heavy weapons did not suit their style of fighting and would have reduced the tribes’ strategic mobility too. The Europeans were also quite careful to prevent the tribes acquiring any cannons: the military independence that this would have granted was a step too far.

General InformationEdit

Native Artillery are the only artillery available to Native American factions. They are weak, fixed cannon that cannot use Canister Shot or Shrapnel Shot, greatly limiting their effectiveness. However, they can still pose a threat to enemies at a distance, particularly cavalry.

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