Not to be confused with Native Lancers.

Native American Lancers
Native American Lancers
Belongs to All Native American factions
Type Lance Cavalry
Weapon(s) Lance
Soldiers in each unit 15/30/45/60
Melee Attack 5
Charge bonus 24
Defense skill 2
Morale 4
Tech requirement None
Produced from Tribal Drill Grounds
Special abilities


Cost 610
Upkeep 180
Turns to Train 1
Unit Cap None

Native american mounted braves icon cavl
Native American Lancers are a type of lancer cavalry in Empire: Total War.


These mounted men carry long lances capable of causing significant damage to enemy.

The horsemanship of many Native Americans is unparalleled. Able to wield any number of weapons on horseback, they are formidable foes. Perhaps their most deadly weapon from horseback is the lance. Often decorated with items to commemorate courageous acts performed by a warrior, eagle feathers traditionally mark a particularly ferocious man.

The traditional lance used for hunting was found to be far too long for use in warfare, and a much shorter version was developed. The materials used to make a lance would depend on the areas a tribe inhabited, but the “business end” was made from flint, a material far sharper than many more “civilized” materials.

General InformationEdit

Native American Lancers are the only lance cavalry available to most Native American factions. They have good charge bonuses, but their other stats are poor, even by lance cavalry standards.

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